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    Skills for school.

    Skills for work.

    Skills for life.

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  • Smart Start Transition: Overview

    Specialized Support for Special Learners

    Our Aim:

    Smart Start Transition’s virtual coaching provides a structured and guided practice that allows students with learning challenges to strengthen, internalize, and transfer the skills they need to apply during the school day; at home.

    Our services empower students to apply their skills in a safe place and to begin building their voice as self-advocates.

    Our Mission:

    At Smart Start Transition we believe that mastery of executive functioning skills is a critical component of academic, personal, and career success. We empower students to face challenges at home and school with confidence and clear strategies.


    Our motto is simple: Skills for school, Skills for work, Skills for life!

  • Smart Start Transition: Services

    We fill students " mental backpack" with skills to take wherever they go.

    Smart Start Transition Virtual

    Virtual Coaching


    A certified Learning Specialist will provide targeted support for identified executive functioning skills via a 30 minute or 1-hour virtual coaching session.

    Smart Start Transition Weekend

    "Weekend Think-In"

    In-person workshops​

    Small group planning and coaching sessions designed to teach children and parents how to organize and prepare for homework, study time, and daily demands to help ensure a successful week.

    See our monthly calendar for our workshop offerings!

    Smart Start Transition after school

    School Partnerships Program

    Build confidence, increase mastery

    We love to work with schools! We can help identify, assess, and support your students for the quarter, semester, or academic year.

    A certified Learning Specialist will provide targeted supports for identified executive functioning skills via 1 or 2; 30-minute virtual coaching sessions per week.

    Smart Start Transition Assessments


    Know & Grow ​

    We are committed to growth! A certified school psychologist will administer a pre-assessment to determine your child's current skill levels and a post-assessment to help chart growth. We focus on successive gains to help celebrate progress and maintain motivation.

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    July 26, 2016
    Q: What is the age/grade range served? A: Currently, we offer coaching for students ranging from...
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